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Your Competitors Will Be Pissed When They’re Seeing You All Over YouTube

Leverage Little-Known

“Silo Architecture” That Unlocks Powerful Video Ranking Ability & Turns YouTube Into Your Own Fine-Tuned Marketing Machine.

YouTube Silo Academy is a powerful course that can help you to rank videos quickly for even the toughest of keywords.

Rank Videos FASTER, With Less Work &

Have Them Stick Longer!

Are you tired of struggling to properly optimize your YouTube channels, playlists, and videos?

YouTube has exploded.

The enormous amount of content getting uploaded every day has made ranking videos a whole lot tougher than it used to be.

And if you’re trying to rank for even a fairly competitive keyword...well, let’s just say you have your work cut out for you.

But the fact remains:

YouTube is still a uber-lucrative platform from generating new leads and building brand awareness.

You may have tried several onpage optimization training courses.

Maybe you tried spammy tactics like Fiverr gigs or buying views.

Or even built tons of backlinks using the latest tools.

Most likely these solutions haven't worked that well and ended up leaving you searching for a real and effective solution.

If only there was a proven and repeatable way to tap into it…

To be able to build one channel after another with a proven methodology meant to force YouTube’s search engine to shine its light on you...

There is. 

Using silos makes it all possible like never before.

SILO Optimization:

The Secret Sauce Of Serious YouTube Visibility

SEO professionals have been using silo architecture for years to build powerhouse websites to outrank their competitors.
Well now you can apply the same method to YouTube and build silo structure within your channels when you join YouTube Silo Academy.

By arranging playlists based on your keywords, you build video silos that become magnets for a target audience.

For whatever reason, hardly anyone is using this technique on YouTube. But when you learn the ins and outs, you can repeat the process over and over again, laughing your way to the top of the YouTube rankings.

But Now, There's an Answer that can fix that.

YouTube Silo Academy Puts You In A New Positon Of Authority Through High-Level Video SEO

Here's just a few things YouTube Silo Academy will teach you:

  • Over the shoulder training videos explaining every single step.​ I recorded these "Down and Dirty" videos using YouTube Live Events so that you could see how to build silo structure in real time. No fluff, no fancy editing, just killer training. 
  • ​Specific instructions and detailing the entire process.​ This is huge because once you go through the training, you will know exactly how to silo YouTube channels for CRAZY ranking ability.
  • ​My Quick and effective keyword research method.​ This will save you a ton of time by showing you how to find the best keywords for your silos quickly, and I show you how to do it using free tools. No expensive or complicated keyword tools needed.
  • ​You'll also get a downloadable PDF companion guide.​ This is powerful because you'll have a reference to follow to make sure you repeat the process exactly as shown...

And there's even a few surprises inside that I won't mention here...

So listen! – stop the frustration that other so-called solutions have caused.

Learn to build powerful YouTube channels to rank your videos quickly for even the toughest of terms.

Become A YouTube Beast - No Previous Know-How Needed

Everything you need to know about this powerful method will be explained in plain, no BS language.
  • Setting Up The Silo Structure + Keyword identification
  • ​Setting up a playlist
  • ​Advanced SEO for tough, high-competition keywords
  • ​Link Building
  • ​And More

Real people. real success stories.

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I can recommend it highly to everyone who wants to deliver high quality results for clients and also for your own lead generation properties. 

– Fabian P.


They have taken my SEO to another level, and relationships I have built here, everyone's generous. It's all about helping each other be the best they can be, these guys & their community do just that. 

– Matt D.

Semantic Mastery is, bar none, the most generous and helpful SEO organization in existence. Words cannot express the caliber of the people who run this organization. I recently ran into an extremely in tense problem and they came through for me in ways I could never have expected or asked for. Quite simply, they are the best. Their shit works, and they have hearts of gold. Nothing else to say.

– Patrick S.


All my websites are in local 3 pack, most are number 1. Highly recommend!

– Brad S.


I have always followed Semantic Mastery, they are my favorite. Just use the strategies they mention, get creative and you are Golden!

– Ryan A.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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